Popular vs. Unknown

This is the time of year.  Sales people call EVERY day to find out whether I am attending this show or that.  They not only call, they also stop by.  Sometimes unannounced, sometimes I make an appointment.  Irregardless, they all want to sell their wares.

In the beginning, I felt that when I had looked at something, pulled it out, announced it was beautiful – I also had to buy it.  Because most of the sales people are really nice and they have got to make a living too.  I do not do that anymore.  Instead I ‘write’ ‘notes’.  (all new language here for a teacher….)  I take the notes and take pictures of the items when I have a camera on me.  And ponder.  Most of it should be budget driven.  SHOULD.  It comes in handy when one knows about their finances.  Definitively.

But lately, I am also thinking about the popularity of a certain name.

As I wanted to be Miss Europe here, I wanted to pride myself in the European Style AND Names.  Turns out that whenever I mentioned a certain brand name that I carried, there were actually very few people whose face lights up when they heard it.  Those customers had actually traveled to Europe and had admired the brand there.  Not so for everyone else.

So much for wanting to be different.  Which also resulted in a few items that I have left over from the DAY I OPENED THE STORE.  And no, I will not admit which pieces they are or point to them.

Then came this winter and I had some sort of an eye- opening experience.  I started to sell SmartWool.  A very well-known brand and not cheap for socks.  I sold out of them TWICE.  And there are a number of stores that sell them, even in my neighborhood.  This is a well-known brand, people know what they are getting, the price does not matter – and they come back for them.  This is SOOO cool!

I am now thinking that there might be something to an item that gets mentioned in a magazine.  I also wonder whether Jason Wu will suddenly be famous because of Michelle Obama.

I have not drawn major conclusions on this issue.  But is is certainly worthwhile to think about.  Maybe it only applies to socks.


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