Well, I’m off to a little vacation in Hawaii.

Which is just as well because I am shell-shocked and, quite frankly, somewhat afraid for a good number of people I know.  This new law by the CPSIA has everyone confused and angry.  While I do not want to get into it right here, I want to encourage everyone who is interested in Consumer Protection and what it MIGHT mean to the small business entrepreneur who makes anything for children  (ANYTHING!) under the age of 12 to go here and read up on it.

I know quite a few women who were living their dreams and supported their idea of sustainability by making clothing for children or selling children’s wares.  Many of them had to accept returns for their merchandise that was already paid for.  Others are just sitting tight, paralyzed, because they cannot produce.  Which in return will cut deeply into their projected earnings.  Some might have to close.  It just sucks.

And no, it does not affect my business as I don’t have anything for sale for children under the age of 12.  Not generally, save for the two pairs of baby socks that will be gone by Feb. 10 when this law goes into effect.  The only thing it might mean for me is that I WILL NOT expand my sock offerings into the children’s sector.  Or not until this law is somewhat amended OR the manufacturers band together and will find some way to get the GCC certificate.  It is just plain depressing.

Which brings me back to my vacation.  Good time to leave the hotbed (or the cold, cold weather here in Portland) and soak up some rays in Hawaii.



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