Blind Dog needs Seeing Eye Human, day 2+3

Brooklyn has found her home.  In Bella’s bed.brooklyn1_12

She almost looks likes she is smiling, right?  Ha, gotcha, this is now MINE!

She also has found THE place to pee.  It is right next to the thorniest rosebush in our garden.  Gives me a heart attack every time she goes near.  And she finally started to poo, too.  It does worry me when you feed that dog oodles of food and she does not go.  I was ready for her to explode.  And that I’d rather have her do that next to the rosebush than in my living room.  It was probably the meds that constipated her.  So this is day 5 after the surgery and she does not get any painkiller anymore, only the antibiotic.

She is showing her true Siberian Husky – she wants to walk! A long time.  She also wants to meet other dogs and people.  The dogs do not know what to do with her.  The people always ask in a very hushed voice ‘ What happened?’  They almost all whisper, it is too funny.

No, Brooklyn does not understand medical inquiries in English.  No worries.

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