The surprise gift, part 1

I love it when men are resourceful.  This particular one had a surprise gift for his special one and I got to be part of it.  The gift in itself was to be a photo shoot of him and her.  He had rented both the studio and a professional photographer.  Now the photographer was going to be Kim and, being as brilliant as she is, she thought we combine the two and shoot some of MY clothing on HIS GIRLFRIEND.

S. told his girfriend that the gift included going to pick out some clothes for her.  The day before the shoot, he came into the store to ‘warn’ me.  She knew nothing of it and thought that he was going to buy her some clothing.  As I had some particular dress and shirt in mind, we agreed that he would steer her into that direction.  This part was actually pretty easy because she loved the Bamboo dress and shirt.  She spent quite some time trying things on, he photographed her while doing it, and I had a grand time.

em-shirt-akn-fuzz-skirt Here she is trying on the Earth Moda shirt with an Anni Kuan fuzz skirt.


And in this one, she is wearing the Earth Moda black dress, which she fell in love with.


And in this one, she is probably thinking, “What the hell is THIS surprise all about?’

After I made out a mock invoice and C. thanked S. profusely for the gift, I wondered how he would tell her that the clothing is actually not the gift but the photo shoot is?  Well?


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