I wanted to say a lot more about the Winterfest BEFORE it got started… and never got around to it.  Then I thought – oh, when there is a moment, I’ll say something about it WHILE it was going, well – it looked like this and more most of the time:


It was actually insane at times.

My shop is my sanctuary.  I can relax here.  Not in the sense of taking a break but in the sense of serenity in the presence of beautiful fabrics, textures and pleasant customers.  This weekend it felt like a mini mall at a SALE RUSH.

I had five additional vendors inside partly because the weather was turning so bad that we did not have enough canopies and heaters for the outside.

Milinn and Saoirse with their beautiful glass work.  Tanja with Hazeldrops sari skirts and Boleras.  Jen with wood-fired ceramics.  Kristin with one-of-a-kind Konfections Jewelry as well as Tonya and Loris with Arbonne cosmetics.  Even in the few moments when the shop was void of customers, we had six women chatting.

I did love it…and now it is back to regular business.

And because you can never have enough socks especially in this snowy, cold snap – here is another take at the new and improved sock wall.  (Make that ‘Rearranging the Sockwall’ Take 6, at least)



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