more curtains…

… and a mistake that I made.

My friends R. and S. had me do a number of curtains this last summer.  (you can read here about the process of cutting 14 rectangles form a swimming pool sized fabric!)  They were cleaning out their house to make room for a Thanksgiving party and possibly an overnight guest from L.A.  I was also on a little time crunch and had three days for 5 more panels.  As I do like these two a lot, I wanted to get the curtains ready for them.  And I do pride myself in conscientious measuring and sewing.  This time, I did get it all wrong.

Since the others were made in the summer, I only bothered about the finishing and not the actual window size.  Despite the fact that R. had it all written out for me, I only looked at the numbers.  AND NOT THE DIRECTION.  Well, they now have curtain panels fir REALLY short and wide windows.  I got the height/length turned around, duh.

I’m glad they’re such good friends and have another swimming pool sized panel for me to make it all good.  And the L.A. guest didn’t show.

While we are talking Holidays – if you are in Portland and have time and energy for another great event, here it is:


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