this must be love

A little unrelated to what I’m doing otherwise at the shop, I had to get this animal to the hospital.  It was badly marred, eaten up and in dire need to preserve its innards.   For a long time.  No one in my family wanted to take this project on.  But then, my dog LOVES this crocodile.  It is actually scary to watch her beat the hell out of it, shake it into unconsciousness and dig into its flesh.  Bella is very good a getting the stuffing, the squeakers, the every thread out of this animal.

It has been sitting on top of a wardrobe forever waiting to be fixed.  So last nigth we did it.  First, I poked veritable holes into my fingers trying to get the needle through the hard fabric.  That thing IS tough – made for the VERY destructive dog.  HA!  It did not last one night when we gave it to her last Christmas.  She discovered the sift spot right away.  The mouth.  Consequently, the mouth was the first thing to be sewn shut.  We’ve done that twice since.  Next, she dug a hole into the neck.  Got out the stuffing.  I do not remember how many times we fixed that hole.  Until we decided to get her another toy from the same company. They are called TUFFIES and they do rate it by roughness of the dog.

It took me a good hour to sew on that patch only to have my dear husband remark that it will not take her long to dig her teeth into my stitches and pull it right off.   He then offered his skills and used an upholstery needle.  Took him another hour.

Here is the completed project:



Wait until she gets to the front of it.  We do love our dog.


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