what WAS I thinking?

Sometimes I really doubt myself.

All through this last year – even in the summer – people kept asking me about lacy leggings.  Of course I had sold out and felt terrible, thinking that IF I only had ordered more, I would be that much richer now.  This whole legging business is strange anyhow.  Two years ago, you could have GIVEN them to people and they would have rejected them.  ‘What?  I lived through that.  Not again.’  Something changed.  All of a sudden people WANTED leggings.  The skirt, dress -whatever- will look SO MUCH cuter with leggings!

All right then.  For this Fall/Winter season I was determined to satisfy my customer’s craving for leggings, especially lacy ones.  So I ordered.  Plenty.

This one is by Ergee.  Super soft and stretchy.  And good-looking, too – right?

This one is by b.ella and actually called a Capri.  I assume because it is a bit wider on the leg and does not cling to the ankle.  It also has a line along the back side – sexy!!!

Amazingly enough – lace does not seem to be the biggest hit this year.  So I was wrong.  I still think they look great. Throw on a wool dress, a tunic, a long cardi – and WOW with those leggings.   Where are you women who wanted them????

What was I thinking?


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