Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!  My little niece called me the other day from Switzerland wanting to know what ‘Halloween’ means.  I tried my best to explain to her the ‘ol’ hollows eve’ and wondered how far I should go describing all the ghosts, spiders, darkness and gloom.  After all, she’s only five.  I am constantly surprised how these utterly American traditions of changing into a costume and going around the neighborhood asking for candy spread into middle Europe.

A lot of people spend A LOT of time thinking about their costume, sometimes collecting parts of it from one Halloween to the next.  Not so this guy.  He bought the boots yesterday and depending on how many parts he got together, that’s what he wanted to be. He knew he wanted these boot to be covered in order to have at least the basics.  My friends at Tumbleweed told him that ‘if anyone can do this, she can!’  (picture myself blushing right now and patting myself on the back at the same time).

I always love a project, so I told him to come over.  He wanted his ginormous (size 13) boots covered in this shiny, snakelike fabric.  As I always love a little project that takes me away from just hemming jeans, I accepted.  I did learn a bit about the parts of a boot, too.  The shaft was easy enough but cutting and  attaching the foot cover was more challenging.  In the end, I basically stitched the two pieces together and stretched them over the boot.

I think they look pretty cool.  He beamed when he picked them up.

He is going to be SUPERMAN he said.  I believe it.


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