Allright…the beautiful red bridesmaid dress

It is amazing how often people search for the ‘Red Bridesmaid Dress’.  Next to Grandma’s Coat, these are the keywords that are most often searched.  Probably because RED and WEDDING go together.  And my post on the red bridesmaid dress is nothing to write home about.

However, of all the bridesmaid dresses that I had to alter over the course of this summer and wedding season, most were a shade of red.  One was fuchsia, one was yellow and black, one a turquoise – but fot the most part they were red.  Red is a color that suits almost every woman.  It brings out the rosiness in their skin.  It goes well with all skin colors.  It makes a pale woman look like Snow White, it looks stunning on a woman with black hair.  I guess, the only hair color that clashes with a red dress is a flaming red hair like Pippi Longstocking’s.

Well, here is that last red bridesmaid dress that I altered.

I had to play with the color a bit, because the picture I took did not do the deep red any justice. Also, I did not steam it before taking the picture.

This IS a beautiful dress.  It has a train in the back and a tie that seems to come around from the front.  I also liked that they supplied straps that can be hooked in ( I would need that….).  The maker is Bill Levkoff.

For all of you that want to know.

Happy Sunny Sunday!


1 Response to “Allright…the beautiful red bridesmaid dress”

  1. October 19, 2008 at 17:38

    So true about people searching for red bridesmaid dresses. Your right about how well they suit too. The only other time you need to be careful is if one of the bridal party has particularly red or splotchy skin. Then again, good makeup can cover most things!

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