Why every (wo)man needs new clothes

I guess it never dawned on me so clearly.  Yesterday, a customer dropped of a few clothes for minor repair.  buttons missing, zipper stuck, hem out and the like.  One particular pair of pants caught my eye.  At first, I did not even recognize it.  It was from my store.  From about three years ago when I first opened the shop.  I DID know that I had seen this pair of pants before.  I did not remember it.  Like an old high school friend that you see many years later.  The person looks familiar but you have to pause a moment to to know who s/he is.

The pants had aged tremendously.  It made me almost sad.

I pride myself in preserving my clothes.  I like to buy things that I can wear many years.  I also like to think that I sell clothes that will be good for many years.  But that is only one part of the equation.  There are people that are hard on their clothes.  They do not mean harm, they just wear them to shreds.

Then there is the cleaning your clothes part.  I am convinced that most washers sold in this country ruin you clothes.  The top loaders.  The ones that have your load done in 15 minutes.  That cannot be.  The detergent must be extremely abrasive to get you clean clothes after 15 minutes.  Especially if you only have the choice of three temperatures.  I am a big advocate of the front loader.  Not only do they use less water but they also clean more thoroughly because they take a MUCH longer time by swishing back and forth.  Not to mention the dryer… the amount of lint that gets deposited each time equals a whole t-shirt.

Although I am challenged by old clothes all the time that need new life breathed into them (hold your breath:  I am working on Grandma’s Coat No. 2!!!), there is a certain life span to clothes.  No matter what kind of washer you use.  That thought actually made me happy while bicycling home last night.

Everybody needs new clothes sometime.  I should be fine.


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