Oh, how I could use a massage!

I just finished ‘fixing’ an old quilt.  The man who brought it in said it might be from the fifties, another customer knowingly inspected the fabric and determined it must be from the forties.  Anyhow, it is old.  And heavy.  I do not even like quilts.  Don’t get me wrong – there are some adorable colors and designs on some of them and I DO admire all the work that goes into them.  But sleeping under one?  Why would I when there are down comforters to have?  Why would I want to weigh my weary body down with a TON of fabric?  And still feel cold?  But as I (almost) never turn down a project, I accepted this quilt for repair.

A. said, there would be about five squares to fix that looked like this:

It was interesting to discover how especially this fabric was torn all over the quilt.  Others survived the many decades just fine.  As all quilts tell a story, I used fabric that I had found in Japan (the green square) as well as fabric I bought a couple of years ago to upholster the bench at the store (the orange tulip print):

I placed the quilt on the bench and on my lap while sewing.  Hefting that thing around felt like going to the gym for a tough workout.  It is that heavy.  On a particular  s-l-o-w  Friday, I fixed eight squares.  The last one yesterday.  Did not feel much then.  But “ouch” today – my shoulder is just aching.

Now I like quilts even less.


1 Response to “Oh, how I could use a massage!”

  1. 1 Amy
    October 1, 2008 at 22:52

    I used to quilt! If you ever find yourself doing another project along those lines, do let me know. I have every printed quilting fabric under the SUN. I made light weight little baby quilts-about 3.5 x 4 foot. Madeline ATE her first one. I will bring her second one in for you to laugh at….it’s BEYOND repair and she STILL sleeps with it every night!!!!! And NO…it’s NOT a fish net!

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