Do I look like I have GRASS GREEN tights?

Why is it that people always – ALWAYS – look for the one thing that I definitively do not have????  GRASS GREEN tights????  Am I St. Patty himself??? Or is it even close to St. Patty’s Day?  Why would anyone ever want to wear grass green tights anyway?   I can help with all other colors, may that be red, pink, blue, orange (a more appropriate color for this season – right?), definitively all shades of black and even olive green.  Oh, let me get over the G…. G…. word.  All summer long, I’ve been trying to rid the store of the last three apple green items… but no takers not even on sale.  And today – this.  There must be some unwritten retail law:  someone will always look for the one color you never ever even thought about stocking.  AND – you may sell all of one particular thing but the LAST ONE.  And that one is bound to sit there on the shelf until it threatens to ROT.  Or mold away.  There is a guarantee that will happen.  Everyone knows about it.  I should open a second store and only stock it with the LAST REMAINING ITEM.  I only need to find a place that charges me ZERO rent.

That item may sit there for many, many dark months…

Cool new tights from Max Mara, a textured skirt by Anni Kuan, and a jersey dress from MC Planet – new from France.

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