Pick this….or that….

To finish off yesterday’s entry, here are the beads SANS the furry additions….

I had an equally screwed morning today.  Something must be out there trying to get me.  Jinx my mornings… Fixed coffee, pourded milk, milk is sour.  Washed out cup and got new milk, poured more coffee, had to make more coffee cuz’ I like plenty.  Sit down to read paper and almost spit the coffee all over the place.  Salty.  Intensly salty.  I had forgotten that I used the water pitcher to drain off the salt water from the eggplants I was soaking.  Allright, pour out all the remaining coffee, all the remaining water (by now I don’t trust anything anymore…) and make coffee for the third time.  How weird is that????

I’ d rather pick these…

or enjoy one of those:

Today will be the day!


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