I always say that I have nothing to wear.  And that is not true.  Not entirely.  I have a closet full of clothes AND I own a clothing store – so there should be something.  My husband just laughs at me.  It still takes me a long time to figure out WHAT to wear.   I’m always happier when I know the night before.  It saves me time.  Or when I come up with the day’s outfit during the dog walk.  Today’s outfit was one  of those…conceived while walking the dog.  I completed my choice by a necklace my friend Sabine had made for me.  Accessorize!

I was getting ready to leave when the necklace burst.  Literally.  It made a loud ‘pop’ and exploded.  All over the kitchen floor.  Beads everywhere.  Seed beads as far as the dining room.  Just as I was heading out the door.  I grabbed the broom and dustpan hoping to rescue my beads.  My dog loved me crawling on all fours on the floor.  No amount of sweeping and mopping leave my floors clean for very long.  I have two cats and a dog.  They always (ALWAYS!) convene in the kitchen.  They must think, this is a good place to leave all my excess fur!  Because they do!  There is the equivalent of at least a kitten and half a dog on my kitchen floor EVERY day!

Now I have (hopefully most) beads in the dustpan – along with the kitten and the half dog.


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