just another Saturday

That one is actually not going well at all.  It is a tough one when people keep on coming and commenting about the store, how nice it is, what nice things I sell, how they always wanted to come in and LOVE striped socks.  And then walk out.  I know not to take it personally but is all the talk about the shop another way of ‘making conversation’?  Oh, I guess they want to be nice.  Saturdays are supposed to be good shopping days!

Thank heavens, I have the internet!  I cannot imagine how other shopkeepers survive in slow times like this WITHOUT access to the world wide web.  How I did it at the beginning.  Ah- and when they don’t have any alterations to take care of.  That’s it, too.  I’m done with my pile.  One bridesmaid dress, one zipper in a skirt, one zipper in a jeans, four pants to hem and a custom skirt.  I am BORED.  That’s what it is – bring on the pants!  I need work!

It is still a boring Saturday.  Pants or no pants.

The barber comes to visit, he must be bored, too.  The mailman stops in – he is late, they changed his route.  He spends some time to tell me about it.  He likes telling me his ‘route’ stories.  Guess he does not have a lot of conversation going when he is working.

I changed Sofia’s clothes.  Changed the window, too.  I’m having my coffee earlier (lest I fall asleep on the job!) Tried on fours skirts and two pairs of pants.  Sometimes this is how I find my wardrobe.

Out of boredom.


1 Response to “just another Saturday”

  1. 1 Amy
    October 1, 2008 at 23:00

    Preachin’ to the choir sister. I came in on a DAY OFF to make up for my HORRIFIC weekend. I can’t even believe I did this without internet for my first 12 months! BLESS YOU!

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