The Red Bridesmaid Dress

It is raining today.  Raining as if it wants to be Fall.  Good day to work on the bridesmaid dress.  Shouldn’t take me more than a couple of hours and then it’s off to the pants.  Yeah, right.

Until Amy told me about YELP.  Of course I had to check it out.  See who else is on there.  And who else around town.  And then, who in my neighborhood.  Other clothing stores.  Read their reviews.  See who their friends are.  You know what I mean?  Takes hours.  Of course, I had to sign up, too.   And then edit my page.  But you have to wait for approval emails.  You see?  The red dress just HAD to wait.  More important things to do.  I am too old for this.  Am I too old?  Spin a web across the world.  Electronically.  Cool.

But back to the dress.  This is just another one of many, many this summer.  One more elaborate than the other.  None fit.  Thanks to the heavens that I am too old for that.  The bridesmaid thingy passed me.  I was probably too old already when I came to this country.  And then it took me another decade and several movies (last one:  27 Dresses – all about being a bridesmaid….)  to understand weddings here.  But I  digress. –   This blood red one was ordered from an outfit like all the others.  They must make a mint there in China.  Too large in the bust.  Too long.  Straps too long.  How do they determine size anyway?  by WHAT?

Between creating an account for myself on YELP and reading my first review (YEAH!), I pressed the seams.  It is already taken in at the bust.  The straps are shortened, too.  Now I only need to upload a picture and then I can hem.

Did I say it was raining?


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