Why me?

By now you do know that I foster for the Humane Society (one of my fosters was Nikki….) BUT – do I have that written all over me? Why is it that totally strange, runaway dogs like to match up with me????? Why me? Today it was an all-out goofy Weimaraner. Here I don’t think about nothing special, walking my dog, just plugging along. Out darts this lanky beast and follows us. Hops across a busy street and the drivers stare at me! At me! It is not even my dog but how do you make that clear to a person rushing by.

A woman stops and offers me a leash – she would take the dog but -um – she is actually on her way somewhere. The next person thinks her fence isn’t tall enough to keep the dog in. And when I knock on another door – she is lovely and nice – she is afraid that the dog will tear up her flower beds. All good reasons. I might say the same. So I’m stuck with the beast.

Animal Control in Multnomah County have ended their pick-up program. No money. Boy, do I hate to see all these good services cut because of some other ‘important’ priorities this government has. Oh- did I mention that the dog had no tags? What to do? I take the (very) male puppy home, tie him up and hope for a animal control to call me back. Which, of course, they don’t.

So far this makes

a Weimaraner today

a Beagle (escape artist)

a boxer (Junior – I found him twice, know where he lives)

a Black Lab (the mail lady knew where he was from)

a Mastiff (drooled all over my clothes, I tied him up at the grocery store, called the number on the tag and got a Starbucks gift Card for finding him! loved that one!)

a white mutt (Animal Control got him when they still came)

another black lab (find her often – she breaks off her chain….)

a brown mutt (we took to Animal Control)

Why me?

Update on the Weimaraner: the owner called Animal Control and when I called them they gave me her number. He is home.

I’m posting this under ‘traveled’ – fits, right?


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