Bleach Wonder

Allright. I am German. I do not know about bleach. Not in the sense that Americans use it. For your laundry.

It scares me. The only time I have seen bleach in action was when my dear husband tie-dyed the other way around. He immersed a T-shirt into bleach. The bleach took all the color out. I would not know how to safely work with bleach. But I was desperate. I had this white skirt, brand new, with two delicate brownish stains right in the middle of the front panel. I did not even see this when I bought it. You cannot wear a skirt with two little brown stains on it. I asked my husband but he warned me – bleach can ruin the fabric, don’t do it when you don’t know what you are doing. Plus, hes advised, you have to immerse the whole skirt into the bleach to get it even. I did not want to do this.

So I set out my usual way: I rubbed the stains with soap. Nothing. It seemed these stains were printed on and actually no ‘stains’ at all. Next, I tried my proven pet stain remover. Hell, that stuff gets all kinds of stains (you don’t even know what they are…) out of your carpet. I even left the stain remover sitting on the fabric for a while, all the time being afraid I would find a hole when checking it next.

Yesterday, I was at the grocery store trying to find something that would work. They have all kinds of stain removers – for blood, wine, gum and the like. But I did not even know the make up of my stain. Then there was a Mrs. Robinson’s or – some name like that – safer than bleach ‘it will not eat your fabric’. I almost bought it. After looking at the price for a gallon bleach, I couldn’t resist and bought it. What the heck – I will try.

I had the gallon bleach sitting on the porch until this afternoon. Then I mustered up the courage. I took a syringe, drew 2ml bleach out of the bottle, added 10ml of water and used a cotton swab to apply it. Hell. this works! The ‘stain’ was gone immediately! When the fabric was all white, I quickly rinsed it under running water (who knows how long it will take to eat the fabric….) Wow. What an accomplishment.

Hail to bleach!


1 Response to “Bleach Wonder”

  1. 1 Amy
    July 18, 2008 at 09:13

    Oh….wait until you discover the bleach PEN. Teeheeheehee

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