The ‘UP’ part of life

There is no sun to be seen in the sky.  It is still hot.  And muggy.  This year, we have had the most unusual summer so far.  But I am not complaining.  I’d rather be too hot than too cold.  Seriously.  And I am not cranky, either.  Not like somebody’s husband – hear me?  That one is complaining about getting older.  As if you could stop that.  What you CAN do is take care of yourself and have some fun.  Step out of your ordinary boundaries and try something NEW.  Eat something you never had.  Watch a movie that has a title that normally would not speak to you.  Walk the dog on a trail you’ve never been on.  (…that is like a foreign movie to your dog, believe me)  Or, try something on that you would have never picked.

Like Dolly Mae,

who had tried on a number of different things and then was coaxed into this SOFIA tunic… She came dancing out of the dressing room, ‘now this makes me fell like a WOMAN.  I feel so pretty in this!’  Everybody in the store was inspired by her enthusiasm!  We laughed and danced around her – she felt so pretty and we were loving it.

You just love this part of life in a store… when someone is truly excited and inspired by what you have to offer!

On that note:  surround yourself with a bunch of people who you love and who love you back.

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