A dress and no machine

This is one of these days.  You know, those…  I had a million plans and no time to even do the littlest thing.  All I wanted for my credit card company to change some preferences.  Seemed easy enough:  We load a program for you and you download it into you machine.  Yes, right!  Needless to say that just YESTERDAY the whole machine was reprogrammed without a glitch.  I do not want to believe this worked because the guy who did it was from the bank itself.  No – I can do these things.

Well, about three hours later, five phone calls into tech support and a hike over to the neighbors to see if their phone jack is any better – the card machine is fried.  Now.  Before the weekend.  How I love this.  We’re having a sidewalk sale tomorrow!  On the up side – my bank guy is really great; he will get me a machine to use tomorrow.

I also finished the dress for the mother of the groom.  She was a little anxious that it wasn’t wide enough.  I was anxious because I did not want to make a tent.  So here it is: DUH – I deleted the picture out of the camera!

This is not my day.


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