Feeling of accomplishment

There is nothing like the feeling of utter giddiness and elation over a project gone well. Especially when conceived on a whim and put into execution in ONE day! I had this notion in my head about a rouched top and bottom – especially after spending some time with my friend Tanja laboring over how to best sew thin elastic into (more) elastic fabrics. I even spent some money on a special sewing machine foot which will guide the elastic through holes and then you can sew over it. Well, the foot seems to work for her but I have NOWHERE the patience she has trying out guiding elastic through a hole and having two more thread spools attached to the machine anyway. I just want to get it done the easy way.

My method requires only a little patience in the beginning. Very little. I wind the bobbin by hand. After having done it a number of times (the bobbin never goes far, sadly), I have figured out the ‘right’ tension. Off I went, experimenting on two pieces of fabric thinking one will be the top and one the bottom.

And it worked! here is the bottom, worn as a skirt:

This skirt can double up as a top as well when pulled up over the chest – then it looks more like a tunic. Darling.

The true exciting outfit, however, is this:

It is a dress! Very girly and feminine. The best part: it fits almost every size! Wow – now I want to make more. I am so thrilled. This worked. Good Saturday!


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