Nikki found a home!

No picture of the dog laying under my desk!  She went back to the Humane Society and got altered.

The shop did her good.  She was found by her adoptive mom HERE.  At the shop.  What a fun little creature she is.  She literally gets along with everyone, so I am sure she will be fine in her new home.  We actually took her to a dinner party last Saturday.  Thinking that she is small enough to not even be noticed.  And they have a dog, too.  Nikki got so excited over that dog – a Blue Heeler – she barked.  I had never hear her bark before.  A small but loud bark.  She almost crawled on that dog, she was so excited.  Over the course of the dinner, almost all of the adults had her on their lap.  She loved it.  She will be fine.

For me, it is back to changing clothes.  I hemmed two pairs of Jeans, and patched up another two.  Right now, I’m taking in a bridesmaid dress.  This one is dark brown.  I wonder what makes brides choose a certain color.  I advised one bride on how to ‘fancy’ up her rather plain, but beautiful dress.  Yep, ’tis the season.

I am also working on the mother-of-the groom-dress.  Black silk.  It isn’t cut out yet – picture to come.


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