Meet Nikki!

So now I have another shop dog! I am volunteering with the Oregon Humane Society as a Foster Parent, they called Monday about Nikki – she has a broken leg that needs to heal – and I picked her up 30 minutes later. Nikki is an adorable Miniature Pinscher with a smile on her face! That smile turns into pure bliss (with lips pulled back) when she is petted. And she wants to be petted ALL THE TIME. She makes that known by climbing on your leg (see picture) and I’m trying to break this habit. I don’t want to walk around with a dog hanging from my leg…. people might think I caused her broken leg….

On Friday, I took her to the shop. Partly because I felt sorry leaving her at the house. She has this look on her face that just touches your heart…. And because she is the ideal size for a shop dog. I did have a good number of customers, too. What did they do? They ooohed and aaahed all over the dog – ignoring all the stuff I have for sale! Never mind. Two people wanted to adopt her right away. Well, she has to heal first. They have so many adoptable pets at OHS, check out all these!

I’ll have to take a picture when she’s in her bed (which I stole from the cats…) and does not harass any leg.

Happy weekend…happy Rose Festival!


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