And then the shelf sat….

…empty. For exactly 4 hours. Somehow all my customers must have sensed my hemming overload and came in to relieve me. Even the one that had her items here for the last eight weeks. That kind of clothing grows on you like an old familiar piece of furniture. Now it is gone. And no, I did not cry.

As I said, four hours later, the shelf is again populated.  Two blouses size M and 12 for a lady that wears a size 4.  I do admit that the fabrics are beautiful.  I also admit I do anything as long as I see a way to do it.  Which means cutting corners every once in a while.  Or fumble with something in a little ‘uncommon’ way.  That is probably the reason people come back to me.  And yes, I alter men’s clothing.    Taking in waistlines (or expand them – as long as there is enough fabric to do it with…)  Keep the original hem of jeans.  Shorten sleeves but keep the rounded edges.  Insert elastic in waistbands that are a tad too wide.  Invisible of course.  Fix frays and cuts ( I ‘borrow’ fabric from elsewhere in the garment).  Duplicate favorite skirts, pants, jackets.  If necessary multiple times.  Make a garment out of a fabric with sentimental value.

Keeps me busy.  Provides a little extra cash.  Yes – I do it all!  Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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