Such a mountain!

The hemming gods meant well. I will never wonder again what I will do when I come back to the store and have nothing to hem. N E V E R. This shelf was empty last Sunday. There are 4 projects on it right now. The last one arrived late yesterday. Six pairs of pants, two for her husband. They seem to like me. My work. I keep the original jeans hem. Not that I particularly like THAT type of work (but I will do it!). A frayed jeans jacket in need of a zipper where it had snaps. Exercise pants. More jeans, a cuff and a ripped side seam. This is only one shelf, mind you! There are more hems in limbo one level up. A mini dress that needed cap sleeves and a longer hem (I added lace). A tunic, arm ripped (I cut off from the bottom and applied a patch from the selvage). Oh- and let’s not forget the fuchsia bridesmaid dress that turned out to have two linings! This one needed to be shorter to look cute.

I was about to state that I love doing other things but hem. Such as the occasional bonbon like the Chinese inspired blouse last week. But I guess I get also a lot of smaller projects that no one else will tackle. I love a challenge!


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