The SOCK pole – revisited….

Well, there you have it! The socks actually arrived a few days ago. My husband found out about the boot. And he is not mad but would like to have access to the boot if he needed it; that was a nice reaction.

As always, when there is a carton full of new stuff, I am overwhelmed. So many colors, so many fine textures, so many styles! This shipment is actually from b.ella, a company which uses yarns from Italy and has the socks made in the USA. The history and on-going story of sock mills warrants a whole entry for itself. Most of the sock mills in this country are in North Carolina. A lot of them had to close. Making socks is an art and pretty complicated. Most sock mills cannot knit more than 5 colors into a sock. Making the tube (the part that hugs your calf) is easy enough, finishing out the heel and toes requires a bit more skill BUT closing the sock is the most important task. It not only has to look pretty, it must also feel smooth and look finished!

There are only very few mills that can do space dye. Space dye is a yarn that is dyed irregularly in a number of colors . The ‘space’ part happens when the yarn is knit. Every sock looks different as the yarn repeats the color – you may see blocked stripes or fine lines. Those socks are always fun. Most of the left side in this picture is taken up by the space dyes.


After I had all the socks sorted and priced – they need to go up on the wall AND the pole. I decided for the snapshot socks to be hung on the sock pole. The snapshots are actually photographs transferred to the sock. They are pretty wild – my customers love them.



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